Pet Wellness exams

Prevent Pet Problems by keeping checkups and vaccination upto date

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Allergies & Care

Pet skin care is an important part to keeping your pet healthy.

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Dental Care

We provide Dental care and services for dogs and cats

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Spay & Neuters

Improve your pets quality of life and help them live longer

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Pet Microchipping

Microchips are the most successful way of identifying your dog

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Surgery & Care

From minor to major surgeries, We offer surgical care

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Parasite & flea prevention

Both dogs & cats can acquire parasites & fleas from other animals & natural environment.

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Urinalysis & Fecal Exams

Urine and fecal exams are routinely performed and help to make quick diagnosis

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X-Ray & blood test

Latest Equipment for In-house x-rays, Lab testing, Health screening

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Our State of art Animal hospital in Cloverdale is  veterinary Clinic with latest equipment is now open. Our Mission is to provide best animal care for pets. Our Staff is professionally trained & friendly. Our veterinarians wants you to know that we’re your partner in your pet’s care. It could mean  providing education about your pet’s needs. Or sharing research about valuable Animals and veterinary care information. And walking you through each step of your pet’s treatment, we’re here for you! We provide a wide range of veterinary services for your pets especially for Dogs and cats and includes Dental, Spay & Neuter, XRay, Blood test, Surgery, Microchipping , Wellness, Vaccinations, Urinalysis, Fecal test, Parasite prevention etc. Our veterinary team strives to genuinely get to know you and your best friend so we can provide you with the most personalized care imaginable.

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