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Another Spring, another round of ticks and fleas awareness !!

Facts about Ticks

  • Ticks are present all year around, but worst seasons are spring, summer and autumn.
  • Not sure what you have? Count the legs. If there are 8, you have a tick (or Arachnid)
  • After hatching they need a blood meal to move onto their next stage of life/cycle, without it they die.
  • Ticks can transmit diseases –like Lyme disease - by feeding on pets and people.
  • They can now be found in many places across Canada.
  • The best time to start protecting your pet is BEFORE

Facts about Fleas

-Pets afflicted with fleas will itch constantly. Watch for excessive scratching or biting.

-As a general rule you should assume that every flea  you can see, there are 100 more that you can’t.

Fleas can be transmitted in the household , so it’s important to treat all your pets.

-Fleas can pose a severe healthy risk to your pets. They can cause Tapeworm, carry diseases, and even cause severe anemia in younger pets.

Prevention is the best cure. We can provide you with safe and effective options to keep  Ticks& Fleas off your pet from the beginning.

We are offering  5% OFF on De-worming and Ticks & Fleas Preventatives.


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