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Veterinarian team in Cloverdale, BC

The staff at our veterinary clinic strives to provide progressive veterinary medicine for your pet. We are committed to providing all your options and explaining each one of them in detail so you never feel in the dark. At Snowden Animal Hospital our number one priority is the health and well-being of your pet. We always want to educate so there are never too many questions. We are here to support you and your pet!

Meet the Team

snowden animal hospital cloverdale surrey bc DR Raghav

     Dr. Raghav Bedi


Dr. Raghav Bedi is a professional and qualified veterinarian who has extensive work experience in the small animal practice. He is passionate about his work and brings his dedication to the profession. His commitment to his profession is absolute.


Snowden Animal Hospital - Cloverdale BC Eugene Gorodetsky DVM

Dr Gorodetsky

Dr. Gorodetsky has spent a large part of his career as an emergency and critical care veterinarian in a busy 24 hour referral hospital. He has also developed an interest and considerable experience in veterinary endoscopy. He has endoscopically removed thousands of foreign bodies from stomachs, esophagi, small and large intestines, noses, lungs, vaginas, urethras and ears. All this while avoiding open surgery as well as pain, longer recovery and increased frequency of post-surgical complications.

Dr. Gorodetsky completed his pre-veterinary studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, graduating with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in the spring of 1999.

Over the past 15 years he has been spending most of his time on the road performing endoscopic procedures in about 300 clinics from Campbell River to Merritt and from Pemberton to Kelowna.

Dr. Gorodetsky is a vet specialist in upper or lower GIT study, antegrade and retrograde rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy and cystoscopy (including collection of biopsies, cytology brushing,

BAL, through-the-scope FNA, PEG tube placement, stricture dilation, endoscopically assisted gastropexy and FB removal)

Snowden Animal Hospital

Dr. Jandi

Dr. Jandi is a board certified small animal surgeon. He has been working in specialty veterinary surgery since 2007.

Dr. Jandi finished an American College of Veterinary Surgeons’ approved surgical residency from a reputed institution in Los Angeles, California and continued training under another very reputed board certified surgeon in Portland, Oregon after finishing his residency program.

He learned many of his skills and procedures through one-on-one training with boarded surgeons during his residency training and post residency training.

Dr. Jandi has also completed number of single procedure wet-labs learning new skills and procedures including Linear and Hybrid External Fixators, Locking Plate Techniques, Correction of Angular Limb Deformities, TPLO, TTA and Total Hip Replacement (BFX and CFX), Advanced Arthroscopy, Thoracoscopy, Laparoscopy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Jandi has an extensive inventory of high quality surgical equipment and supplies that he brings to our veterinary hospital when he comes to operate on


Vet Assitants

snowden animal hospital pet clinic cloverdale surrey bc


Veterinary assistant

Dominique began her veterinary career in 2018. She now takes pride organizing and assisting at Snowden Animal Hospital. Her love for all living creatures became apparent at a young age, rescuing cats, mothering any animal, amphibian, or reptile she could get her hands on. Today in her spare time, she volunteers at an Pit Bull rescue center, and fosters all animals in need until they find their forever homes.

Mariah Daisy Picture


Veterinary Assistant

Mariah initially went to nursing school for humans, and then she realized nursing animals was abundantly more rewarding and fulfilling and decided to complete the VOAC program at Douglas College. Her love for all animals is never ending and she looks forward to seeing what each day will bring. Mariah is certified in Fear Free assistance and she is committed to doing everything in her power to give your pet the most pleasant and positive experience possible.

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