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Why Does My Pocket Pet Sneeze?

Rats, Rabbits & Guinea pigs make excellent pets for a variety of reasons. They are much cleaner than most people think, they are extremely intelligent, and they form strong relationships with their owners. For these reasons, among others, they make great pets for first-time owners. It is disappointing, then, when you bring your new pet home only to discover it has a sneezing problem! There are many reasons for sneezing, some more easily managed than others.

Home Sweet Home

If your pocket petstarts sneezing once it is brought home, there may be a few things to change right away. Certain types of bedding can cause respiratory issues for small pets. Bedding with aromatic woods such as pine and cedar are known to create sneezing and respiratory discomfort in some pocket pets. A better alternative would be recycled paper bedding such as Care Fresh. Paper bedding is also less likely to harbor parasites like mites.

It is important to keep your pocket pet living space clean, but be sure to use pet-friendly cleaning agents and rinse thoroughly. Chemicals in most cleaners are harmful to small pets and would definitely cause respiratory distress.

The Sneeze Goes On

What if you make all the necessary changes to your pet’s environment and it still sneezes? You can probably guess the answer to that question. It’s time to have it checked out by your veterinarian. It is fairly common for rodents from the pet store to have respiratory infections. Rats are kept in close living quarters and naturally spread viruses to each other. Respiratory infections turn into life threatening problems for rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. When in doubt, get them checked out!

If you see your rat, rabbit or guinea pig is excessively Sneezing, Contact our Hospital immediately so we can schedule an exam.

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